Transport, Relocation & Movers of Portable Cabins, Modular Buildings, Containers across the UK

Portable Cabin Relocation
We offer a complete portable cabin and portable building relocation services. Whether you are moving a building across your site premises, a local move or across the UK, our services operate nationwide across the UK. We have been installing all makes and brands of portable cabins and modular buildings for many years.

Portable Cabin and Pоrtаblе Building Rеlосаtiоn
Sometimes, changing the way a business operates often leads to the need to relocate existing portable cabin and portable buildings. This may come аbоut because of expansion of an existing site and change of layout requiring buildings to be moved within the same site, or relocated to a new site where the existing buildings need to be removed and transported.

Full Range of Relocation Services
We provide a complete range of relocation services including lifting, moving, re-siting, relocating and transporting of buildings from the current location to your new site. We will obviously deliver, arrange transport and positioning with our own fleet of Hiabs, position your portable building or cabin. We can also provide steps and disabled ramps to suit your requirements.
We are highly experienced in the relocation and movement of portable and modular buildings from simple single-storey units to multi-storey structures. Our experienced team also offers, if necessary, the provision of compiling RAMS (risk assessments method statements) to meet health and safety requisites.

Do you need to relocate your portable cabin or portable building; we can provide a complete relocation service.
• We will produce the necessary compiling RAMS (risk assessments method statements).
• Our experienced drivers & health & safety operatives will be fully prepared before beginning the move.
• The cabin or container will be loaded using our Hiab crane by the qualified driver and then transported to its new location.
• As soon as the portable cabin or container is collected by us, our Hiab will then take on all the lifting, craneage and transport needs from the simplest of lifts to the most complex.

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