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We sell refurbished used portable cabins & containers. We also buy your unwanted units. Delivery, Transport & Set up of portable buildings nationally across the UK, utilising our fleet of Hiab vehicles that can transport, lift & move across the UK.

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Buy Used Cabins choosing from our range of refurbished cabins or choose your bespoke specifications.
We Refurbish Used 2nd HandPortable Cabins & Containers.

In our refurbishment workshops our experienced team can transform a used cabin with modifications and reconfigurations including joinery, plumbing, decorating and electrical services.

Our portable cabins provide a quick, affordable solution for those needing additional space or accommodation.
We have a wide selection of used cabins, containers, buildings available that can be utilized as office space, meeting rooms, call centres, sales and marketing suites.

Our units can be used as anti vandal units, nurseries, kitchens, portable classrooms, toilet and shower blocks, canteens, construction and security offices, storage units, site accommodation, antivandal, welfare units, secure storage containers and much more.

Our Services

Our services have helped us to design everything from offices to classrooms and nurseries, shower and toilet blocks to canteens and welfare facilities. Typically, though, we look to make sure that you can get the solution you need – from one of our refurbished units to buy. How, though, do we deliver our services? How do we go about refurbishing used portable cabins?

Choosing the size
First off, we ask that you choose a specific size to fit the unit that you have in mind. We offer a variety of size styles, and most of the most commons sizes that we work with include:
• 9ft10 x 9ft6
• 10ft x 8ft
• 16ft x 8ft
• 20ft x 8ft
• 20ft x 9ft
• 24ft x 10ft
• 28ft x 10ft
• 32ft x 10ft
• 40ft x 12ft
Of course, if you happen to have a more particular size in mind then please contact us. While we might not be able to find that exact size, we can offer a reasonable alternative that should still allow for you to get the job done without issue.

Choosing the flooring
Next, we look to choose the flooring – this is often done using a hardwearing vinyl. These look professional, are durable and sturdy, and would make a tremendous choice for a high-traffic area that often sees lots of wet feet coming in and out. You can also choose from a range of colours, starting from grey. If you would prefer, we could also refurbish the cabin with carpet tiles, using blue, black, or grey carpet tiles which are easy to get into great condition over time.

Choosing the options
First off, we look to add in any windows – you simply tell us where you feel windows should be added to your cabin, and our team will get on that for you as soon as possible. Then we also look to add the options and features, which could include things such as:
• New kitchen fittings and amenities, such as worktops, heaters, and sinks.
• Power outlets and plug sockets so that features and facilities can be used.
• Bespoke fittings such as partition walls, doorways, and extra.
• The addition of other key features such as toilets, showers, or other features.
We typically look to supply all bespoke and refurbished portable cabins with up to four double sockets, but if you need more sockets simply let us.

Choosing the equipment
Alongside the addition of the above, you can also include extras such as heating evices. We provide one heater for smaller cabins, and two heaters for larger cabins, as part of the overall refurbishment. We also look to include things like locks and keys from scratch. Of course, if you have any queries at all, you should simply reach out to us today and we can discuss each of these issues with you in person.

Arrange delivery
Once you have selected all of the features, including the cabin colour, we can arrange for delivery using our fleet of modern HIABs; simply let us know the postcode for delivery, we will send you a quote and if you agree we can add that into the order.

Ready to make a purchase? Then take a look at our options today, or contact us with your custom project details.

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